Career Opportunities

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Current Openings 

Spartanburg Day School is currently seeking qualified applicants for the following positions:

The athletics department is seeking JV and varsity volleyball coaches. Please email resume to Athletic Director Rita Harrell at .  

The athletics department is seeking  middle school and JV volleyball coaches for the 2016-17 school year. Please send resumes to Athletic Director Rita Harrell at .

3K and 4K Associate Teachers
Job description and application information
Please send resume and cover letter to Lower School Head Ashley Stokes at

Preschool lead teacher
Job description and application information
Please send resume and cover letter to Lower School Head Ashley Stokes at .

Lower School teacher (K-4th)
Job description and application information
Please send resume and cover letter to Lower School Head Ashley Stokes at . 

Upper School Learning Specialist (2016-17) 
Download the job description and application information
Resume and cover letter can be sent to VISTAS Director Tara Greer at .

The SDS Extended Day Program is seeking staff to work with students in 3K-6th grades. Prior experience working with children is preferred; DSS certification required. Please email resume to Extended Day Coordinator Lori Pruitt at

There are no other openings at this time. If you are interested in SDS please feel free to send a resume and a letter of interest to: Attn. Head of School, Spartanburg Day School, 1701 Skylyn Drive, Spartanburg, SC, 29307.

Why Teach At SDS?

Spartanburg Day School is a unique and rewarding place, where learning is at the center of every day for teachers and students alike.

Teach in a Unique Environment

SDS teachers are given the freedom to do what they do best—teach. Teachers construct environments they believe to be conducive to learning. Innovation and creativity are encouraged in the classroom, and small class size allow teachers to know their students and interact with them on a personal level. Teachers’ enthusiasm is matched by a student body that has a genuine thirst for knowledge.

Teaching at SDS involves being part of a vibrant and welcoming community. Many teachers also coach in the Middle and Upper School, and all are encouraged to lead students in experiential outings throughout the year.  The school’s Special Studies program in the Upper School offers the opportunity for non-traditional teaching and learning one week each year, and it includes extensive travel.

Student Enthusiasm and Excellence

There is no doubt that students want to be at Spartanburg Day School—they demonstrate it daily in academic achievement, arts performances and exhibits, and on the playing fields and courts. Spartanburg Day School has a highly personalized college counseling program, and 100% of graduating students apply to and are accepted by the most selective colleges and universities.

The advisory program in our Middle and Upper Schools provides structure to enable teachers to know their students and maintain an open dialog with parents.

Respect is the keystone of character education at the Spartanburg Day School, and students regularly demonstrate school pride. Faculty, staff, and students gather for daily class meetings in the Lower School or assemblies in Middle and Upper School, which provides an informal opportunity to continue the dialog of teaching and learning.

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Highlights of the SDS Teaching Experience

Teachers have an average of 13 years experience and more than 60% hold graduate degrees. Faculty salaries are competitive, and a full range of benefits is offered, including medical and life insurance, as well as TIAA-CREF retirement funding. Professional development is an integral part of teaching at Spartanburg Day School, and partnerships with local colleges allow for easy and affordable access to career advancement.

Collaboration within and across SDS are great resources to new teachers. A mentoring program is in place within each division.


A number of awards and stipends are presented each year to deserving teachers who exemplify teaching excellence and demonstrate the most successful instructional approaches at SDS.