The Mildred Harrison Dent Fine Arts Center

The generosity and vision of the Dent family and their friends have allowed Spartanburg Day School to lead the way in arts education in Spartanburg County. Establishment of the Arts Endowment, coupled with construction of a fine arts center in memory of Mildred Harrison Dent (one of the school founders), has greatly enhanced the schools educational program. Not only is it a beautiful, functional facility, but it regularly allows us to introduce new and exciting opportunities for all students.

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The Mildred Harrison Dent Fine Arts Center houses music classrooms, practice rooms, art studios and an expansive professional art gallery that doubles as a performance and recital space. Visual art and music classes are required for students through eighth grade, and graduation requires at least one fine arts credit. Many students elect to take a studio art class or band class during all four years of Upper School.

Creative writing and drama are integrated throughout the curriculum. Student art exhibits, writing displays, concerts, speeches, recitals, literary publications and performances all enrich the cultural atmosphere at Spartanburg Day School.

The establishment and continued growth of the Fine Arts Endowment has allowed SDS students to be exposed to artists that are passionate about what they do and are experts in their field. These outside artists bring varied expertise to the campus that exceeds the faculty’s expertise in certain media. SDS students are engaged in professional level exhibits that they view and discuss throughout the year. Mildred Harrison Dent loved her family, children, the arts and Spartanburg Day School. Being in a role to continue to facilitate her mission is something that I truly enjoy.

Nancy Corbin,
Coordinator of Dent Fine Arts Center
Mildred Harrison Dent Endowed Chair