Spartanburg Day School is currently seeking a Middle/Upper School Learning Specialist within our VISTAS Program.  The VISTAS Program in the Middle and Upper School divisions of Spartanburg Day School is an academic support program. It is designed for children with diagnosed learning disabilities and for students without diagnosed learning disabilities who need instruction in organization, study strategies, and test-taking strategies. VISTAS teachers’ daily lessons are designed to teach students the skills they need to be successful in the regular classroom using the work from their classes. These skills include, but are not limited to, calendar and planner organization, test preparation for current classroom units, daily checkups for homework comprehension, pacing for exam preparation, and pacing for long-term projects.

A successful candidate will possess: 

  • Possess a teaching degree or a special education degree (master’s degree preferred)
  • Experience reading and interpreting educational and psychological evaluations
  • Experience planning instructional interventions to differentiate to meet student needs
  • Experience teaching using Orton-Gillingham methods
  • Appreciate and enjoy interacting with preadolescents and adolescents and partnering with families in students’ academic development
  • Show evidence of knowledge of and experience with teaching students with learning differences and ADHD
  • Show evidence of organization, self-motivation, and punctuality
  • Show evidence of effective and efficient communication and interaction with all constituencies in the school 
  • Show evidence of competency with multiple aspects of technology use 
  • Show a willingness to contribute to the life of an independent school community

Key Functions of the role are:

  • Establish and maintain a class environment where students feel respected, valued and supported
  • Conduct engaging small group instruction and interventions to support curriculum content and necessary foundational skills, including executive functioning management, organizational skills, and crucial academic behaviors
  • Establish and maintain a class environment where excellence in learning is honored and respectful interactions between and among students are valued
  • Work with students to develop a love for learning, a sense of academic integrity, and a thoughtful work ethic
  • Support development of academic knowledge in all subjects and courses
  • Identify students’ learning needs to determine effective educational interventions
  • Employ a variety of instructional techniques that address multiple learning styles
  • Conduct student observations to evaluate instructional needs and academic progress
  • Participate in student development and achievement-related conferences with parents, students, counselors, teachers, and/or administrators
  • Communicate and collaborate regularly with faculty members, students, and families regarding student interventions, accommodations, learning needs and academic growth
  • Effectively interpret psychological/educational evaluations
  • Engage in professional development related to research-based instructional methods
  • Engage in professional development related to learning differences   

Please submit all resumes and letters of interest to for consideration.