Mission & Values

our mission:

to provide a superior educational experience, in a community of trust, that prepares students for a life well lived.

we value:


Spartanburg Day School challenges every student to achieve his or her finest level of both academic and personal success. A superior program of study equips intellectual thinkers with a profound depth of knowledge that empowers them in life.


Spartanburg Day School empowers students to be their true self. Students are uniquely known and celebrated for their distinct voice. Meaningful relationships are at the core of this community that promotes trust, personal accountability and independence of thought.


Spartanburg Day School motivates students to be meaningful contributors to society. Students are confident, take risks and hold themselves to the highest standards. They collaborate with others and eagerly go above and beyond to exemplify the ethics of responsibility, compassion and service in their daily lives


Spartanburg Day School cultivates students’ true desire to learn through thoughtful discovery. Teachers nurture innately inquisitive minds in an environment where it is safe to both fail and to succeed. Students experience the freedom to ask questions, to be problem solvers and to take ownership of their learning.


Spartanburg Day School inspires students to stretch their minds and find joy in educational exploration. Students are surrounded by like-minded peers and an impassioned faculty that embody an enthusiasm for learning. Students find a love of learning that serves as a foundation for future success.