'Mark Makers' exhibit opens in the Dent Gallery; reception Oct. 17

The first exhibit of 2019-20 is making its mark on the Mildred Harrison Dent Fine Arts Gallery. "Mark Makers" is a selection of works by local artists Linda Capracotta and Claire Louka and is reflective of the drive an artist has to express an idea through the act of making marks. 

Both Capracotta and Louka enjoy experimenting with multiple art mediums, techniques, and processes. They have a shared love of nature, music, poetry, folklore and, of course, art. The art selected for this exhibit explores a variety of themes and mediums which arose from two artists discussing their lives, their art making and what influenced their latest desire to create. For Capracotta and Louka, every finished artwork unveils an expression of an emotion. The artists communicate in a visual language of color, texture, and expressive lines. The work selected offers a glimpse into the experiences, observations, and encounters that led to making these pieces of art.  

Louka, a native of Spartanburg, is a teacher of elementary visual arts at Jesse Boyd Elementary, as well as an adjunct art history instructor for Spartanburg Community College. Her narrative paintings bring attention to the imagery and emotion connected to even the simplest of life’s experiences. Louka has a playful style characterized by bright colors and gestural lines. Through expressive mark making she explores movement within her composition and suspends an otherwise fleeting moment. The exaggerated body language and facial expressions of Louka’s figures draw curiosity and place emphasis on the condition her characters find themselves in. The artist encourages the viewer to have fun with the story while drawing their own conclusions of the various narratives that could be told. 

Originally from Providence, R.I., Linda Capracotta is a mixed-media artist currently living and working in Spartanburg. Her studio, Art Farm Studio, is based in her east side home. Capracotta’s ability to work with multiple materials as well as producing large scale works along with traditional works has made it possible to find her art in diverse venues nationally. Capracotta’s work is characterized by naturalistic scenes with a decorative illustrative quality. She combines ordinary objects with organic elements evoking a sense of the flow of the natural world connecting in unexpected places. Capracotta studied natural science illustration at Rhode Island School of Design along with graphic design and web development at Katherine Gibbs Providence. 

"Mark Makers" will be on display in the Dent Gallery from Sept. 9 through Oct. 24 with a reception planned for Oct. 17 from 5-7 p.m.