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Permanent Art Collection dedicated to Nancy Corbin

Since the 1980s, Spartanburg Day School's permanent art collection has served as an always-growing, always-evolving testament to the talent and rich creativity of the visual arts program. On Wednesday, during the annual Spirit of the Griffin Awards assembly, the collection was dedicated to the person who, for 26 years, nurtured that program with vision and passion: Nancy Corbin.

Corbin retired from SDS in 2018. During her years with the Griffins, she was a beloved art teacher and served as the Mildred Harrison Dent Endowed Chair. 

"Much like the school's permanent art collection, Nancy Corbin’s influence and instruction is a part of every hall, and of many indoor and outdoor spaces," said Sam Mitchell, Upper School art teacher and current Dent Endowed Chair.

Started by art teacher Linda Hudgins in the 80s, the permanent art collection began as a few pieces of student and professional works set aside to commemorate the arts at SDS. Over the decades, pieces accrued in many colorful frames and mats. Under the stewardship of Nancy, the collection became an archival document of the school's mission in the visual arts. The collection grows every year. New pieces are added hung throughout the halls.

Likewise, Mitchell said, "Nancy makes things grow; she makes people grow. "

Alumna Mary Owens Davidson said, “Having my art in the permanent collection not only honored me with the approval of teachers I respected, but encouraged me, whether I knew it or not, to pursue my passion. And now it serves as a reminder that while I carry SDS with me throughout my life, it too will always have a piece of me. As I have, others too will grow from experiencing this collection.”