Spartanburg Day School Welcomes Dave Skeen as Eighth Head of School in Investiture Ceremony
Spartanburg Day School Welcomes Dave Skeen as Eighth Head of School in Investiture Ceremony

Spartanburg Day School officially ushered in a new era today with the investiture ceremony of Dave Skeen as its eighth head of school. The ceremony marked a significant moment for the school community as trustees, faculty, parents, and students gathered to officially welcome Mr. Skeen and his vision for the future.

Prior to joining SDS, Mr. Skeen boasted an impressive career in education leadership. He served as head of school at Harding Academy in Nashville, Tenn., and held positions at The Canterbury School in Greensboro, N.C., and The Calvert School in Baltimore, Md. A graduate of Washington & Lee University and Johns Hopkins University, Mr. Skeen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position.

Dr. Boone Hopkins, president of Converse University, served as the keynote speaker, praising Mr. Skeen's "passion, dedication, and expertise," highlighting his commitment to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity – values that align with the mission and values of Spartanburg Day School. Dr. Hopkins expressed his confidence in Mr. Skeen's ability to nurture young minds and foster a thriving learning environment.

“Mr. Skeen, you have been entrusted with the profound responsibility of nurturing young minds and fostering a community where every individual feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential, and I have complete faith in your ability to do so,” Dr. Hopkins said. “But remember, Mr. Skeen, you are not alone. You have an entire community ready and willing to leverage our collective expertise and resources to address the complex challenges facing education today and to seize on the boundless opportunities that tomorrow holds for Spartanburg Day School.”

Jaime Wall, president of the Spartanburg Day School board of trustees, delivered the charge of the head of school and presented Mr. Skeen with the Head of School Medallion. 

Mr. Skeen’s remarks to the crowd focused on the crucial role of education in preparing students for an unknown future. 

“As an educator and leader of a school I firmly believe that we choose this vocation to help children to be ready for their future,” Mr. Skeen said. “We design the educational experiences and in our case at Spartanburg Day School during the most formative 16 years of a child’s life. So that when they find themselves faced with their greatest challenges, they engage them with discernment, confidence, and purpose. The work of educators has always necessitated being both nimble and proactive but more and more it is becoming important to be thinking about what our students’ future may hold so that we can prepare them for something we may never be able to imagine.”

Mr. Skeen further emphasized the unique strengths of Spartanburg Day School in addressing these challenges. He spoke of the school's unique model, its dedicated faculty and staff, and its core values as key factors in shaping a future-oriented educational experience. 

“Spartanburg Day School is a special place in a special town made up of incredible people. And the possibilities for this area are seemingly endless and the momentum is palpable. The future indeed is bright,” he said. “And so, as I accept the charge given to me as the eighth head of school at Spartanburg Day School, I do so with an excitement for the journey knowing the advantages of our model, our people and our mindset in bending that future in our students’ favor.”

Highlighting the value of the student voice, Student Body President Tressa Greene introduced eight student speakers, one from each division (Preschool, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School). Symbolically representing Mr. Skeen as the eighth head of school, each student offered a unique piece of advice for his leadership journey. Mr. Skeen was then presented with a special box filled with handwritten advice notes from all 545 students at Spartanburg Day School.



Spartanburg Day School Welcomes Dave Skeen as Eighth Head of School in Investiture Ceremony