Spirit of the Griffin Awards
Spirit of the Griffin Awards

Students and faculty gathered today for the annual Spirit of the Griffin assembly, celebrating and recognizing all who learn and live in community as Griffins. The assembly is meant to honor the essence of the SDS community, to celebrate tradition and to recognize excellence and character.

Awards and Recognitions

Delta Dedication
- Ann Marie Wesneski, college counselor, Spanish teacher

2022-23 Student Government Leaders
Student Body President: Cam Srivastava
Student Body Vice President: Vivian Gilman

Spirit of the Griffin Awards are presented to two students per division who embody exemplary citizenship by demonstrating integrity and outstanding personal contributions.

Lower School: Felicity Ferguson & Elijah Panasik
Middle School: Mary Franklin Gilman & Jacob Cochran
Upper School: Kelly Killoren & Reid Stille

The Ben Stone Awards honor Ben Maxwell Stone '77 who was a leader, both at SDS and in the Spartanburg community. Award recipients exemplify placing others before themselves, courage in the face of adversity, dedication to serving the community and loyalty to SDS.
- Camila Sanabria-Ramirez, 4th grade
- Emily Ledford, 11th grade

The Griffin Wings Award honors a member of the SDS community who on a daily basis, by word, deed and attitude, consistently exemplifies the soaring spirit associated with a Griffin.
- Brelan Montgomery, school nurse




Spirit of the Griffin Awards