AP, SAT, ACT scores continue to exceed national, state averages

Spartanburg Day School is proud to report that recently released data detailing 2018 Advanced Placement, SAT and ACT results shows student scores once again surpass state and national averages.

"Not to be lost in these impressive exam scores is the balance our students must strike," said Dr. Kevin Weatherill, head of Upper School. "Many students are making sense of nuanced material in multiple AP classes, while also balancing participation in athletics and the arts. We are proud of our students' commitment to academic excellence and of our faculty's dedication to fostering a culture of care."

Advanced Placement

In 2018, 79.9 percent of Spartanburg Day School students who took an AP exam scored a 3 or higher (out of 5). In South Carolina that percentage was 60, and globally, 61.3.

"Our students' performance within the AP program illustrates many of the Day School's strengths," said Dr. Kevin Weatherill, head of Upper School. "Their performance is a credit to their work throughout all course(s), and the faculty's ability – from Lower to Middle to Upper School – to engage them."

One hundred and thirty-four SDS students completed 306 AP exams. Of the 45 students who made up the most recent graduating class, 84.4 percent scored a 3 or higher in 2018, and 93.3 percent of those same students scored a 3 or higher on at least one AP Exam during their high school career.


SDS's most recent graduates performed commendably on the SAT exam, rising well above both state and national averages in 2018. All 45 seniors in the Class of 2018 took the test.

Seniors earned a total average score of 1254 (out of 1600) on the college entrance exam. The class averaged 626 on the Evidence-based Reading and Writing (ERW) section and 628 on math.

South Carolina's overall mean score was 1064, 15 points above the national mean of 1049. The state's average ERW score was 453 (compared to 529 nationally), and the average math score for both the state and nation was 520.


SDS students tested well on the ACT, according to 2018 results, outperforming state results in every subject area.

The Class of 2018's average score on the standardized test was 26.6 (out of 36). South Carolina's average was 18.3.

The most recent data shows that SDS students tested highest in English (27.2), followed by science (26.5), reading (26.4) and math (26). Results in all four subject areas were above state averages: 17.3 in English, 18.6 in reading, 18.2 in math and 18.5 in science.

AP, SAT, ACT scores continue to exceed national, state averages