Character Education

Friday in the Dent

Take it to the limit, take it to the top! We’re the mighty Griffins and we can’t be stopped! We know our manners, we know our rules, building our character makes us cool!

Each Friday morning the entire Lower School gathers in the Dent for singing, skits, stories and special guest presentations. It is our opportunity to recognize achievements, birthdays and unique events.

Friday morning community meetings embody the Lower School philosophy of educating the whole child by providing a time for reflection, role-playing and character building with the purpose of creating positive interactions and a broader acceptance of others as well as building confidence in oneself. The IB Learner Profile is a focus of the meetings.

The Honor Code

Displayed in every classroom and office and a critical part of many lessons and conversations, the Honor Code contains our most basic promises to each other: We will respect others, tell the truth and will not cheat.

As a member of the Spartanburg Day School community, students agree that they must demonstrate respect both for him or herself and for every other member of the community. Students commit themselves to promoting behaviors that are valued within the Spartanburg Day School community.


Spartanburg Day School believes that leadership is a skill that can be learned. It is a practice whose essential elements can be identified, understood and developed. Leader development at Spartanburg Day School rests on three elements:

  1. Self-awareness and a commitment to personal excellence (development of character traits).
  2. Building connectivity and inclusion within a community.
  3. The practicing of the skills of leadership with peer and instructor feedback.

Spartanburg Day School is committed to developing students’ individual leadership capacity by providing students with positional leadership opportunities and equipping students to live the mission of the Spartanburg Day School.

Community Service

Lower School students learn to make their community a better place by doing age appropriate service projects. Our youngest students provide new socks to those in need through Operation Twinkle Toes during the winter months, while our older students plan and implement their own projects to improve the community around them.

Outdoor Learning

Young students thrive in opportunities to explore and learn outside, and our outdoor classroom provides endless opportunities for our earliest learners. Unique elements such as a sensory garden foster a sense of wonder through creativity and imaginative play.