Character Education

We believe in the Middle School experience and value these years as a developmentally unique and important time in the lives of our students and families. We see ourselves as much more than a holding place between two divisions and work to create environments, experiences, schedules, and routines that honor this time of exponential social, emotional and physical growth.

By the time students leave the Middle School, they will have experienced a thorough grounding in academics, arts, and athletics coupled with intentional consideration of themselves and others. Our passion is to equip and inspire students to a life of learning and service through their intellectual curiosity and empathy for others. Our efforts to do so focus on the growth and development of each student’s character, knowledge base, and essential learning skills while considering the individual’s unique combination of strengths,weaknesses, life experiences and life view.

SDS Middle School students playing


Middle School mornings begin with advisory – a 15-minute block of time devoted to team building activities. In these small groups, advisors lead students in games and exercises to enhance community.

Honor Code

In the middle school, we are guided by our social contract. Students use consensus-building to arrive at an agreement reflecting the values and voices of each student in all grades. This living document, signed by every student, is posted in middle school classrooms as a concrete reminder of the expectations we have for ourselves and each other.

SDS Middle School students talking