Clubs and Activities

Clubs and activities are student driven, organized and maintained.
Student leaders and organizers of each club request a faculty member to sponsor and proctor each club’s meetings which meet weekly. This model lends itself to the formation of new clubs year to year based on student interest. Currently, our Middle School has organized and maintained the following clubs and organizations:

  • chess club
  • student government
  • photography club
  • FLUSH publication club
  • book club
  • ultimate frisbee club

Study Hall

All Middle School students have the opportunity to attend study halls for the hour after the school day ends. Faculty rotate as proctors for this study hall time, and there is no additional fee for this time nor service. Students may also use this time to schedule tutorials with individual teachers as well as work in study groups. Fifth and sixth grade students may join our Extended Day Program after study hall. Seventh and eighth grade students may continue their study hall in the Middle School library after four o’clock.