Performing Arts

The goal in the performing arts is to offer an array of venues in which students can express themselves through music and theatre. The programs welcome various skill levels and nurture both beginning and refined performers.

Several play productions, seasonal concerts and a variety of local and state competitions throughout the school year serve as benchmarks for actors and musicians – both soloists and ensembles. The Upper School supports the music and theatre programs by scheduling “class time” in isolation from the normal daily schedule, so that all students can participate who wish to, regardless of the other demands in their academic schedule.

Concert Band

Concert band meets two or three times per week and emphasizes both ensemble and solo performance.

Jazz Band

Jazz band offers a more demanding venue for band musicians to grow as performers, as the music is more complex and improvisation is required. Ongoing participation in concert band is a prerequisite for participation jazz band.


This hands-on course is designed to provide an overview of theatre as an art form: its nature, elements, genres, styles and techniques. Class activities and assigned projects include verbal and nonverbal expression, pantomime, acting techniques, character development, scene and monologue work. Students will gain a broad knowledge of the overall process of theatrical production, theatrical terms and stage direction. Students will read and critique plays, and discuss major movements in theatre history and styles of theatre. Course content is based upon the supposition that knowledge of the theatre – whether as an active participant, reader of good plays, or audience member – is a significant means of enriching individual human existence.

Concert Choir

The Spartanburg Day School Concert Choir is a performance-oriented vocal group open to students grades 8-12 who enjoy singing and performing. This is a SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) choir that performs both on and off campus for community events, recitals, concerts and has performed with the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Our repertoire includes spirituals, folk songs, contemporary Broadway/pop, as well as an introduction to the masterworks.

AP Music Theory