Being a family is what defines us. Relationships built on trust and respect are the foundation of this place we call home. As our seniors become graduates, they will carry this unique community with them as confident learners prepared to meet the challenges of college and of life.

From my first moments on campus, I felt so welcomed by my peers and the staff, and I am happy to say that this feeling has never faded. I also really like how accommodating the school is to any interests, and how easy it is to find your identity and your place.

Rachel Kearse
Wofford College

I think Spartanburg Day School’s community is an incredibly unique part of the school. Because of our size, students are able to build relationships with teachers, as well as peers in other grades and divisions. The teachers know all of their students, which allows the classes to be focused on student improvement rather than just course requirements. I have gotten to know many students in other divisions. There hasn't been a day when I walk through the halls or around campus without getting a friendly comment or hug from the younger students. I'm so grateful for the community relationships I've been a part of, and it's what I'll miss the most next year in college.

Maisie MacMullan
Drexel University

The Spartanburg Day School community is something I believe you can’t find anywhere else. You can go up to anyone, even if you don’t know them, and they are happy to lend a hand. The teachers at SDS genuinely love teaching and want the best for you. They push you to be the best versions of yourself.

Charles Overcarsh
Texas Christian University