Get To Know Your Griffin: Grace Kleman, Varsity Volleyball
Get To Know Your Griffin: Grace Kleman, Varsity Volleyball

Name: Grace Kleman

Grade: 11th

Sports you play: Volleyball

What is your best personal sporting moment?
My best personal sporting moment was during a game against Greenwood Christian at home this season, where I had 7 kills and 4 aces.

Wha is your favorite athlete?
Luke Kuechly - - Carolina Panthers

What is your favorite school subject?
My favorite school subject is probably history. I really enjoy learning about past events and how they have influenced our world today.

What is your go to pre-match meal?
Before my matches I will usually drink a Twisty's Summer Breeze smoothie and eat a chocolate chip Clif Bar. However, every away game, the team and I eat a lot of Jersey Mike's sandwiches.

Any superstitions?
I am very superstitious. Before every one of my serves, I have to bounce the ball three times off my hand, and before the start of each point, I high five my teammates next to me. If we don't get a solid contact, we have to repeat the high five until we do.

Who is your funniest teammate?
Maggie Genoble is my funniest teammate. She's always making jokes and cracking us up on and off the court. Maggie often starts karaoke parties on long bus rides, and makes sure everybody is hyped up for the game. She definitely knows how to brighten up a bad situation.

Why are you proud to be a Griffin?
I'm proud to be a Griffin because of the academic challenge, the warm and welcoming community, and the unforgettable memories I have made over the past 3 years.