Get to Know Your Griffin: Ligon Chewning, Varsity Swim
Get to Know Your Griffin: Ligon Chewning, Varsity Swim

Name: Ligon Chewning

Grade: 10th

Sports you play: Swimming

What is your most memorable sporting moment?

My best personal swimming moment was when I won my first high school event in the 500 freestyle and the 200 freestyle relay because they gave me the confidence to work harder and face my goals head on.

Who is your favorite athlete?

Caeleb Dressel is my favorite athlete because he is one of the fastest swimmers in the world and he is humble. He shows he is great through his actions rather than his words.

What is your favorite school subject?

I enjoy Science because it is interesting to see how little we know, considering how much we know

What is your go to pre-match meal?

Pasta because it is full over carbs and my favorite food.

Any superstitions?

I eat candy at swim meets to give me energy before I swim.

Who is the funniest teammate?

Guy: William Owens

Girl: Susannah Lyon

Who is the best dressed teammate?

Guy: Ford Baehr, because he has nice socks.

Girl: Emily Grace Cobourn, because of her colorful outfits.

Why are you proud to be a Griffin?

I am proud to be a Griffin because of the community we have and because it lets me succeed in what I strive for.