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What is Math-A-Thon?

Math-A-Thon is an exciting math challenge for students in all grades. Students are asked to participate in this annual math challenge to raise money for the school and to compete for great rewards and prizes.

Students will collect donations through Feb. 12. Donors can give a flat dollar amount or choose to double their donation if the student achieves the Math-A-Thon 100 percent goal. For Lower School students, the goal is to achieve 100 percent on the math test given the week of Jan. 29. For Middle and Upper School students, the goal is to achieve 100 percent mastery on the IXL topics assigned during the Math-A-Thon period.

All money raised will go to the Parents’ Club to continue to fund educational technology, equipment and trips that enhance the student experience.

Awards & Prizes

House Points & Rewards

The House that raises the most money will be rewarded with a party and dress down day.

Houses that raise more than $10,000 will earn a pizza party during lunch and a dress down day.

$10 = 5 House Points
$100 = 10 House Points
$250 = 20 House Points
$500 = 50 House Points
$1,000 = 100 House Points

Upper School Rewards

US students that raise $10 or more and achieve 85% on IXL topics will be entered into a drawing for the following:

  • -A Golden Dress Down Pass (relaxed dress for the remainder of this school year)
  • -A 20 day Relaxed Dress pass
  • -A 10 Day Relaxed Dress Pass
  • -A $15 Taco Dog Gift Card
  • -A $15 Starbucks Gift Card
  • -A $15 Amazon Gift Card

Students will receive one raffle entry for every $10 they raise.

Middle School Rewards

MS students who raise over $10 AND achieve 85% on IXL topics will earn a HOMEWORK PASS.

Lower School Rewards

  • LS students that raise over $10 – Dress Down Day
  • LS students that raise over $250 – One FLIKEL and Extra Recess (to be facilitated by the Math-A-Thon Committee and scheduled at an agreed upon date and time)

Individual Rewards

  • Top student from each House: $50 gift card
  • Any student that raises $1,000 or more: $25 gift card

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