Griffins Table

Hello Spartanburg Day School Families. We are the Sansburys.
Over the last two years we have grown to know many of you through school and community events as SDS parents. We have fallen in love with this school and its community. We know that this is the perfect home for our children. Almost 9 years ago we had the vision to bring fresh, locally sourced foods to Spartanburg in the form of the Farmer's Table restaurant. Over the years, our business grew from a simple family restaurant into a college cafe, food truck, catering and then an expansion into a larger downtown space. Our business model changed in 2020, shifting us to create a virtual cooking school, family farm and our partnership with Spartanburg Day School.

Our main objective has always been simple: to serve good food in an atmosphere that felt like a home away from home. Our goal is to provide that same delicious lunch experience so that students look forward to it everyday. We are committed to providing the freshest, best quality, local ingredients in their meals. We hope that you will find our menus offer a wide range of options that cater to all dietary needs.

This year, in order to serve lunch in the safest conditions possible for our students, we will only be able to offer a variety of boxed lunch meals that will be delivered to the classrooms during their allotted lunch time. Our staff is trained on all new DHEC and CDC regulations for food service. We will adhere to these regulations for as long as advised. Even in the midst of an incredibly challenging year we are beyond excited to become an even greater part of the Griffin Family! Thank you for this opportunity! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Joel & Lenora Sansbury