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Bring Your Own Device Details (grades 7-12)

What type of device do I need?

Since the majority of the work that we anticipate the students producing in the next few years is still centered on document creation and manipulation, a laptop computer is the preferred device for students to use in this program.

It is important that it has wireless network access capability (802.11g or n). Both Apple Macintosh and Windows laptops will be allowed, but given the school’s history and usage of Apple Macintosh for teacher machines, we highly suggest Apple laptops if you do not already have another device.

Can I use a device that I already have?

If you currently have a device that your student is using or could use, we do not expect you to buy a new device.

Feel free to contact the school and we will be happy to evaluate your current device to make sure it will work for your student, or if needed, make recommendations for upgrades that might improve the performance.

What model and space specs do I need?


Any Macbook, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro model made in the last 3 years should be sufficient for several years for any student. Please be aware that some Macbook Airs have extremely small SSD/HD space and that the student may need to be careful with what they load on the device. Price $900+


Any machine capable of running Windows 7 or later will be sufficient. Typically a Core i5 or Core i7 processor (Stay away from i3 or Celeron branded processors as they are not as capable) and 4G of RAM will be adequate. Price $750+

Do I need to purchase software?

Students already have access to the school’s Google Apps for Education, which provides very basic word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software. However many students will begin to find limitations in Google Apps and want additional software.

The school now has a license that will allow any current student to receive a free copy of Microsoft Office for use on their device. They may continue to use this software until they graduate. We will be forwarding information on how to download and install the software to the students at the start of the school year.

Some courses may require the use of specialized software and teachers will make students aware of these requirements at the start of the year. If possible, the school will try to make school licensed versions available or try to make sure that open source or other free software is used.

What if I can't afford to purchase a device?

If you do not have a device currently and do not think you will be able to afford a device for your student, please contact Celia Cooksey (celia.cooksey@sdsgriffin.org).

The school will assist in finding low cost alternatives for purchasing devices. The school will also maintain a very limited inventory of machines to assist those who cannot afford a device.