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Week of March 18
Week of March 18
Week of March 18

Upper School had a packed, fun-filled week. We introduced the 2024-2025 schedule to students Wednesday morning, and I hope you received Dave's announcement and our US-specific follow-up. I am including a summary of the information below. Reach out anytime with questions.

Below: Communications 101 students traveled to Charlotte Motor Speedway on Thursday to learn about event communications, internships, the importance of teamwork, sports media, publicity, crisis communications, and much more. 

Today, to soften the fact that the US held classes while the middle and lower divisions held parent conferences, we played Advisory Feud (school-based Family Feud) and ate Chick-fil-A or Health in Hand for lunch. Thanks to Mr. Lonon for organizing and hosting the competition and Griffins Table for a special lunch treat. The Owens advisory walked away with the win! 

We also celebrated St. Patrick's Day a little early. SGA provided green snacks at the break, and students went all out on the green dress-down day.

Special Studies groups continue to deliver informational presentations in assembly. Today, the presenting groups were Behind the Scenes of College Athletics and Cultures of the Upstate.

Next week begins with an A day. The warmer weather signals the downslide to graduation and summer. We have lots to accomplish between now and then. For now, have a fantastic weekend!


College Counseling Corner

Week of May 13

Attention Juniors - who are almost SENIORS!

Please remember that we have two opportunities for you to attend College Boot Camp. They will be the same, so you do not have to attend both. Please email us and let us know which one you plan to attend.

Session 1: May 29th - 31st from 9 AM until 12 PM in the Parents' Community Seminar Room

Session 2: August 12th - 13th from 9 AM until 12 PM in the Parents' Community Seminar Room




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