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Week of Nov. 27
Week of Nov. 27
Week of Nov. 27

Many days, Upper Schoolers seem nearly grown and on the horizon of new adventures beyond the Day School walls. Then, there are times when their excitement gets the best of them, and they buzz and giggle and seem five years old again. That was last Friday's scene where students could hardly contain themselves as they hit the doors for a much-deserved break. The fact that several seniors dressed in throwback turkey costumes on Thursday added to the looming holiday's excitement (pics below). I hope you all have enjoyed time with loved ones and continue to look forward to the weekend.

Before the week's preview, I want to share a few points from Mrs. Tobey's recent talk with Upper School students. Earlier in the month, she spoke in our morning assembly (shown at the top), sharing thoughts about the power of gratitude and challenging students to act with intention throughout November and all year through. She asked students to recognize the good surrounding them and acknowledge their abundant blessings. She told stories of her travels to Africa with Global Bike, where she formed lasting friendships with people who embodied appreciation despite having not much more than bare necessities. The glass in Presnell remains filled with meaningful messages to teachers, friends, and colleagues. Upper Schoolers have been busy organizing efforts to recognize the contributions of various groups across campus. I hope Mrs. Tobey's voice followed students home, too. Joan is a shining example of what it means to have a grateful heart. Thank you, Mrs. Tobey, for sharing the morning and your message with us. 

We return to an A Day on Monday. On Tuesday, students will have mandatory class meetings to begin early preparations for homecoming festivities. It's hard to believe those events will be just around the corner when we return from winter break. On Wednesday, there is a 5:30 mandatory meeting for students and parents/guardians of those participating in the London Special Studies experience. The meeting will be held in the Parents' Community Seminar Room. On Thursday morning, students will hear from Mrs. Roark in assembly to close our Month of Gratitude. Friday is the deadline for anyone wishing to purchase a senior yearbook ad. Ads are optional. If you choose to purchase one, forms and payment should be submitted to Chris Duncan by December 1, 2023. Basketball is in full swing. Be sure to check the athletic calendar for game dates and times. 

Only two full weeks of classes remain before SDS exam week arrives. The exam schedule is below. Students should have preparation plans in place. Now is the time to see teachers for extra help. Procrastination is not a friend.

Thursday, December 7 US & MS Band Concert Stone Gym 6:30 start  
Monday, December 11 US Exams

A block exams start at 9:00 am

E block exams at 1:00 pm

Tuesday, December 12 US Exams

B Block exams start at 9:00 am

F block exams start at 1:00 pm

Wednesday, December 13 US Exam

C block exams start at 9:00 am

 G block exams start at 1:00 pm

Thursday, December 14 US Exam

D block exams start at 9:00 am

H block exams start at 1:00 pm

Friday, December 15 US Exam - Make-up exam

Scheduled Make-up exams start at 9:00 am

Monday, December 18, 2023 Winter Break      

Enjoy the remainder of the break, and know we are grateful to be Griffins with you and your children!




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