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Bones or No-Bones?
Lilly Garritson

Noodle, a 13-year-old pug, is taking the internet by storm.  His owner, Jonathan “John” Graziano, had the novel idea to tell his audience on TikTok what type of day they could look forward to.

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Opinion: Tackling Gender Norms
Adom Appiah

Growing up, every woman I saw in my life was simultaneously assiduous, independent, and compassionate. It was only when I got older that I realized that not every child has the liberty of seeing female role models operate outside of the domestic sphere. As gender roles have progressively shifted throughout the years, several young girls have been put in positions where they are torn between following in the domestic footsteps of their predecessors and pursuing greater independence at the possible risk of their ability to sustain a family and uphold their reputation. No young woman should have to choose between her family and her dreams.

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Opinion: Prejudice Against the AAPI Community Should Not Be Ignored
Karine Nguyen

On the evening of March 16th, a mass shooting occurred in Atlanta, Georgia, that left six Asian American women dead. As an Asian American woman myself, this shooting hit very close to home and left me feeling angry and afraid– not only for myself but also for other Asian Americans across the country. Unfortunately, this attack is not the only violence that has occurred towards Asian Americans recently.

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Opinion: More women in STEM, more important role models
Emily Cobourn

Even with the advances made in the last century to support women and their roles in society, there are many occupations, such as jobs in the STEM field, where women are still underrepresented. As a teenage girl potentially interested in STEM in college, I am fortunate to know other women who have taken similar paths, but I recognize that many other girls my age don’t have as many women to look up to or as many opportunities to take advantage of pursuing a STEM career, and I think it is important to recognize the gender gap in order to move towards change and give equal opportunity to all women. 

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