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What High Schools Don't Teach
Cam Srivastava

Presumably, by the time teenagers graduate from high school, they should have learned the necessary fundamentals to be able to handle whatever life throws their way. But what about subjects that will help students navigate life once they leave the day-to-day watchful eyes of parents and teachers? Should schools teach subjects such as cooking for health, coping skills to manage stress, understanding taxes, building wealth, applying for loans, and interviewing for jobs?

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Women's History Month
Sara Madani

Women’s history month was not always celebrated for an entire month each year. Beginning in 1911, International Women’s Day occurred annually on March 8th. This inspired the annual occurrence of Women’s History Week during March in the school district of Sonoma County, California, in 1978.

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Getting To Know "The Hounds"
Sara Madani, Sam Phillips

“The Hounds” is a band formed by sophomores Finch Webster and Chapman Atkins. Recently, they performed on the Presnell lawn during lunch, and in the past, locations like The Fr8 Yard and RJ Rockers. The genre of songs they typically play is very punk/grunge rock, which matches their energy on stage. After watching them perform at school, we knew we had to do a Q&A with them.

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Dog Personality Quiz
Gracie Keel, Molly Jones

Have you ever wondered what type of furry friend you’d be? Man’s best friend comes in different shapes, sizes, and personalities for us to love. To find out which dog breed you would be like, take our quiz below. Keep track of your answers, and your results will be revealed at the end of the quiz.

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Time To Take Up Arms
Cam Srivastava

Recently, there has been a significant spike in interest from Gen Zers to vote. These young adults have come together and brought national attention to topics important to their generation, such as gun control or climate change. These young people want to make sure that lawmakers are in tune with protecting our most precious resources: our fellow citizens and our planet. 

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