Dog Personality Quiz
Gracie Keel, Molly Jones

Have you ever wondered what type of furry friend you’d be? Man’s best friend comes in different shapes, sizes, and personalities for us to love. To find out which dog breed you would be like, take our quiz below. Keep track of your answers, and your results will be revealed at the end of the quiz.


1. What is your favorite sport?

a) Volleyball

b) Baseball



e) I don’t partake in athletics.


2. How would you like to spend your weekend?

a) Going on a run or something active. I love to be on the move!

b) I always have some project going, so probably working on that.

c) Lifting weights at the gym.

d) Hanging out with friends.

e) Staying home, curled up with a good book.


3. What is your favorite TV/Movie genre?

a) Action

b) Romance

c) Drama

d) Comedy

e) Documentary


4. What is your favorite beverage

a) Mountain dew or a nice, cold, energy drink

b) Soda

c) Water

d) Any type of juice 

e) (Iced) Coffee


5. What is one word your friends would use to describe you?

a) Hyper

b) Driven

c) Loving

d) Loyal

e) Intelligent


6. How do you prioritize school?

a) I don't, I would rather talk to my friends

b) It is very important to me and my main goal is to succeed in it

c) I like school and I love playing on athletic teams there

d) It's hard to pay attention but I enjoy the time I get with my friends

e) I get good grades and it is important;, school is fun for me


7. Where do you want to vacation

a) A city 

b) A college town

c) Where my favorite sports team plays

d) A beach

e) Somewhere with historical landmarks


8. What's your favorite social media platform 

a) Tik Tok

b) Twitter

c) Instagram

d) Snapchat

e) Facebook


9. What's your dream job

a) Travel blogger

b) Doctor

c) Professional athlete

d) Teacher

e) Writer


10. Which of the following activities sound the most enjoyable

a) Dance Party

b) Reading a book

c) Pick up soccer game

d) Mall with friends

e) Peaceful painting


Now add up which letter you got the most of!


If you picked mostly A’s...

Your personality as a dog is a Chihuahua! You always want to be doing something! You have a very hyper personality that makes you fun to be around. 


If you picked mostly B’s...

Your personality as a dog is a Beagle! You’re super driven and focused! You love to work hard and achieve.


If you picked mostly C’s...

Your personality as a dog is a Pitbull! You love being active! Sports are lots of fun for you and a great way to connect with others. 


If you picked mostly D’s...

 your personality as a dog is a Golden Retriever! You love to have fun and you’re a positive person! You love spending time with your friends. 


If you picked mostly E’s...

Your personality as a dog is a Poodle! You love peaceful activities and you’re super smart! You love to relax and learn new things.