Getting To Know "The Hounds"
Sara Madani, Sam Phillips

“The Hounds” is a band formed by sophomores Finch Webster and Chapman Atkins. Recently, they performed on the Presnell lawn during lunch, and in the past, locations like The Fr8 Yard and RJ Rockers downtown Spartanburg. The genre of songs they typically play is very punk/grunge rock, which matches their energy on stage. After watching them perform at school in the new "Prenell Porch Series", we knew we had to do a Q&A with them.


Chapman Atkins = C

Finch Webster= F


Q1: How did you come up with the name of your band?


C: My dad.

F: We had like a ton of names that were horrible… and then my dad C of F’s dad? just decided on “The Hounds” so we just went with it.

C: Before we were “The Hounds” we were just “Mother Earth”, and a bunch of other stuff.

F: Some of them were pretty bad, I think the worst one was probably Cracked Skull?

C: No, no, I think the worst one was probably our first one, “The Keytones”

F: Yeah, that one was pretty bad.

(Sara): How many names did you have?

F: Probably more than twenty… I don’t remember all of them.

C: I think… maybe “Peach Fuzz” was one?

F: “Peach Fuzz” was one, that one was kinda cool. Eventually, it just got to the point where it’s not about the name.

C: We played out with the name “The Hounds” and then people started following us and we were like “Well we can’t change it now, so”.


Q2: If you could grab lunch with any musician who would it be?


C: Dead or alive?... Kurt Kobain. For me.

F: I think grabbin' lunch with Kurt would be pretty cool. Probably Robert Plant. Or Kurt Cobain. Either would be cool… very different sides of the spectrum, though.

C: Yeah, extremely.


Q3: Do you ever experience stage fright and if so how do you deal with it?


F: Always. Like, every time we go on, we get, like, butterflies. I just jump around and scream.

C: Mine’s like fine… like days before the show I’ll be fine and then it’s like that five minutes before we go on and people start to get there, and that’s when it hits. Most of the time I just kinda sit there in dead silence...until we play…

F: Yeah… I just like to move around a lot, it helps, but we handle it differently. 

C: Very.


Q4: How do you write songs? Is there a procedure that you follow every time you write one?


F: Writing songs is weird because you can't really follow a formula for it, I just write out of... I mean, everybody says it’s emotion, but it seriously is emotion, and like, you can’t plan on writing a song.

C: Yeah, if you try and plan on writing songs, like, “Okay, I’m going to sit down and write this song,” it’s not going to really work.

F: You just kind of have to do it.

C: And most of the time how songs come to be is Finch will come up with a cool guitar riff and some lyrics and we’ll write around that.

F: Just, a lot of alone time is important. Just sitting around and doing… I don’t know… nothing.

C: Or old voice memos, those are big. Finding those and then being like, “That could be a song”.

F: That’s true, yesterday we wrote one because we found a voice memo on my phone that I recorded while in the middle of Lake Michigan...


F: And I was just… I thought of something and then I just sang it into my phone and now it’s kinda just working out.


Q5: Do you ever get stuck while making music? If so, how do you avoid it?


F: Like, writer’s block, almost? Oh, all the time.

C: Yeah, a lot. I don’t know if there is a way to avoid it. 

F: Once I get stuck it’s not like... some people say “Don’t give up”,  but, for me, the easiest thing to do and the best and most productive thing to do is to sit down my guitar or whatever and give it a day. 

C: Yeah, coming back to it later is really the only thing you can do when that happens.

F: Because it’ll make you mad, it’ll get under your skin.


Q6: Is the music you make the same type of music that you listen to?


F: In a way, I think we’re trying to have our own sound.

C: It’s like an odd blend of all the things we listen to, because we have, in some of our songs, y’know, grunge, and punk, and a bunch of different things, but, I mean, if I was not in our band, I would most likely listen to our music. Like, if I had the exact same taste, and I wasn’t in our band, I probably would.

F: I think it’s kind of our type of music.

C: We have to enjoy hearing it to play it.