How to get kicked out of physics
Gordon Elnagar

Getting kicked out of physics class or laughing at others getting kicked out of physics class is a signature remembrance for many Upper Schoolers at SDS. Some occasionally get kicked out, some get kicked out frequently and have surpassed that. But who is the best of them all? Who has surpassed everyone in getting kicked out the most?

I journeyed to figure out the answer to this question. I interviewed Mr. Lonon, and while doing so began a heated debate amongst the others overhearing our conversation. They were arguing who was kicked out the most. Initially, I thought it was Caroline Wall in my grade (11th). That changed, after Mr. Lonon and the Sophomores determined that Grayson Hannah leads them all.

I asked Grayson what his advice is for those who wish to be kicked out of physics class like him. He concisely responded with: “Talk really loud… Distract other people.” That is good, but not good enough. We need a step by step process. And who would know better than Mr. Lonon on how to get kicked out of physics class?

Gordon: “Mr. Lonon, what is the best way to get kicked out of physics class?”

Mr. Lonon: “You have to be disturbing the ability of others to participate in class.”

Gordon: “Any specific steps or recommendations you can give?”

Mr. Lonon: “Specifically, if class is doing something and you stop the whole class to [pay attention to] you, you may get kicked out. The first time I typically do not reprimand. You have to do this at least twice [to get kicked out]”

So, after my interviews with Mr. Lonon and Grayson, I have created a step by step process on how to get kicked out of physics class:

Step One: Talk really loudly, about something NOT related to physics.

Step Two: Distract as many people as you possibly can.

Step Three: Repeat “step one” and “step two” until you get results.