Spartanburg Day School’s Most Popular College Choices
Molly Sherard

Every year, graduating seniors at SDS receive their caps and gowns and gather in the courtyard for their long-awaited graduation ceremony. After saying their goodbyes in June, they move on to attend a wide variety of reputable colleges and universities all over the country. Of these colleges, there are several that are lucky enough to receive Day School students every year! Three of the Day School’s most popular college choices are Wofford, Sewanee, and Clemson.

These three schools have one thing in common: excellence in academic curriculum, social life, and cultural diversity. Each school graduates over 55% of their students, offers a study abroad program and provides financial aid to more than 45% of all students. Are you still wondering why these colleges are so popular among our students? Let’s check out even more details about Wofford, Sewanee, and Clemson!


Wofford College

Number of students: 1,683 undergraduate students

Acceptance rate: 71.8%

Number of majors offered: 29

Greek life participation: 40% of all students

College athletic association: NCAA D1


Sewanee: The University of the South

Number of students: 1,702 undergraduate students

Acceptance rate: 47%

Number of majors offered: 36

Greek life participation: 90% of all students

College athletic association: NCAA D3


Clemson University

Number of students: 19,402 undergraduate students

Acceptance rate: 51%

Number of majors offered: 60

Greek life participation: 25% of all students

College athletic association: NCAA D1



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