What's in a PR?
Ben Freedman and Molly Sherard

Q: What is a personal record (PR)?

A: Ligon Chewning- A personal record is getting the best time you have ever gotten.


Q: What does it mean to achieve a PR?

A: William Owens- It means recording a faster time than you have ever recorded previously in a certain event.


Q: What does a PR look like in swimming?

A: Anne Dobson- A PR looks like getting the best time you can. Each time a swimmer PRs, they have worked harder and swam faster, giving them a better time. It is always a moment to be proud of.


Q: Does achieving a new PR motivate you to keep getting better at your sport?

A: Mae Webster- Yes! Achieving a PR is really exciting and it shows you that all of your hard work is paying off. Once you beat your PR, it motivates you to try to make another one for that same event as well as others. It is fun to get a PR because it allows you to “race yourself” during the meets in order to try to get an even better time.


Q: How much work does it take to reach a new PR?

A: Emily Grace Cobourn- You have to work hard in practice and at the meets to get a PR, and if you put in the effort every day in practice, then you should see the results at the meets. You probably aren’t going to get a PR at every meet in an event, but your hard work will pay off over time. It sometimes can take more work to get a PR in something that isn’t your best event, but dropping time in one event will definitely motivate you to do the same in another event.


Q: Do you have a PR that you are most proud of?

A: Susannah Lyon- I am most proud of my PR in the 500 Freestyle. This is the longest event (20 laps), but also one of my favorites. Since it is such a long event, it is difficult to swim a consistent pace which allows you to get a personal best time. I enjoy this challenge, and it definitely makes getting a PR more exciting and memorable.