Flexible Tuition Q&A

Who is eligible to apply for flexible tuition?
The Spartanburg Day School flexible tuition program is available to families of students in K-12th grade. Please note that flexible tuition is not available in our 3K or 4K programs.

Should every new family to SDS submit an application for flexible tuition?
No. Only families who feel that they may not be able to pay our full tuition amount.

How is flexible tuition determined?
Spartanburg Day School uses an objective third party processor, FACTS, to provide a financial analysis of applying families. FACTS provides the school with a recommendation of need, which is based on the information submitted by families. After careful consideration of all flexible tuition applications, a tuition amount is set for that year. While SDS cannot meet the full need of every applying family, the school makes every effort to partner with families in making a Spartanburg Day School education a possibility.

Is my financial information confidential?
Yes. Any financial information submitted to FACTS or the Spartanburg Day School flexible tuition committee is held in strict confidence. All flexible tuition amounts are financial agreements between the family and Spartanburg Day School. We request that details of these agreements not be discussed publicly.

Is my flexible tuition amount renewable each year?
Flexible tuition decisions are made on a yearly basis. Therefore, a new flexible tuition application must be submitted to FACTS each year. Once a family receives a flexible tuition amount, they may expect a similar award in subsequent years unless the family’s financial situation changes significantly or the student is not meeting the minimum expectations the school has for all students. Those expectations are adequate academic progress, being an active member of the school community, meeting behavioral expectations and being an active participant in SDS programs.

Are any families awarded full tuition through this program?
No. Every family is expected to contribute to the cost of their child’s education at Spartanburg Day School. No family will receive a flexible tuition amount that is less than the range published on our website.

Are all accepted students offered flexible tuition if the family qualifies?
Unfortunately, Spartanburg Day School does not have the ability to offer flexible tuition to every student who is accepted to the school that qualifies for flexible tuition. It is recommended that families begin the admissions process as early as possible.

If we receive a flexible tuition amount and feel we still cannot afford to send our child to SDS, is there an appeal process to request additional consideration?
In only very special circumstances can a family appeal for additional consideration by the flexible tuition committee. The family must submit a formal appeal in writing to the head of school stating the reasons why the flexible tuition amount is not sufficient. SDS expects that the appealing family will be prepared to submit any additional supporting documentation requested by the head of school in a timely manner. Again, SDS cannot meet the full need of every applying family, but the school makes every effort to partner with families in making a Spartanburg Day School education a possibility.

Is flexible tuition available to international students?
No. Spartanburg Day School’s flexible tuition program and scholarship program are not available to international students.

If our financial situation would only qualify for us for a slightly reduced flexible tuition amount, should I still apply?
Yes. Each year, SDS makes a wide range of flexible tuition decisions. Often, we find that some families may only qualify for a slightly reduced flexible tuition amount, but that can open the door for them to access a Spartanburg Day School education.


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On average, 50% of the student population receives some form of financial aid.