Middle School

Middle School is its own unique and distinct division. Our faculty love teaching this age group. They provide students with a thorough grounding in academics, the arts and athletics, while also encouraging their social and emotional growth.

Through engaging assignments, projects and class activities, faculty cultivate a love of learning and empathy for others, all while nurturing students’ individual mix of strengths, weaknesses and life experiences. Academically, the Middle School provides students with a challenging and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Faculty emphasize the importance of perseverance and encourage students to think critically, make connections across disciplines and thoughtfully consider new ideas.


SDS students wearing goggles
SDS students walking in outdoor breezeway
SDS teacher helping student
SDS students seated around laptop
SDS student smiling in front of bulletin board
SDS teacher assisting student with laptop

Number of Middle School sports teams, including soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball and golf.